• Feasability studies
  • Times and methods
  • Equipment design
  • Pre-sale support to customers
  • Taylor-made automation solutions
  • Cad Cam design
  • Support during plant startup

A team of specialised engineers helps customers create personalised solutions that satisfy their production requirements.

The Engineering & Solutions division follows projects every step of the way: from the feasibility study, to the choice of technology and the most appropriate machine; from machining technology studies and productivity calculations, to machining tests and finally the detailed quantification of the entire turnkey solution.

Turnkey solutions are the subject of special research to implement complex projects such as robotic cells and integrated systems involving diverse technologies.

  • Direct Service
  • Installation
  • Spare parts service
  • Preventive maintenance contracts
  • Warranty extension
  • Voucher contracts (prepaid services)
  • Retrofits and accessories

TECH ASSISTANCE 02 25158313 MON – FRI from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

This doesn’t just involve technical assistance provided to the highest quality standards by professionals and engineers with experience in the sector, but a comprehensive line of products and services that Celada offers to every customer depending on their requirements, devoting to them all the time needed to offer the best solutions, always.

  • Direct Service

    Celada offers technical assistance services performed to the highest quality standards by professionals and engineers with experience in the sector: a staff of 70 technical assistance professionals work together with customers at local level to provide them with all their experience and professional skills, throughout all stages of a machine’s life cycle.

  • Installation

    Celada engineers can provide all the information needed about machine operation and, if their explanation is not sufficient, Celada can organise additional training and refresher courses.

  • Call Center

    A call center is available from Monday to Friday to offer customers an initial assessment of any problems presented by a machine. If they cannot be resolved by telephone, our technical center promptly sends a qualified technician with the necessary spare parts to remedy the fault.

  • Spare parts service

    Original spare parts can be delivered promptly to guarantee total reliability, long-term precision, and better productivity.
    Celada also offers special discounts on spare parts and consumables, including wire, oil, guide-scrapers and filters, depending on the amount ordered and the annual budget.

  • Preventive maintenance contracts

    The data provided by diagnostic systems is used to identify wear to machines as a whole or to individual components even before failures occur.

  • Warranty extension

    In addition to the 12-month standard warranty on all our machines, Celada also offers extended warranties. The relative contracts extend the warranty period until up to the third year of life of the machine and cover all labour and spare parts costs.

  • Voucher contracts (prepaid services)

    Hours of assistance provided on the customer’s premises are deducted from the prepaid number. The hours credited must be used in the 12 month period following the purchase of the vouchers and, if they are used up during assistance work, the remaining hours are invoiced normally. This provides customers with special discounts on packages of hours rather than the standard rate generally applied.

  • Retrofit and accessories

    To keep machines up-to-date and as competitive production-wise as latest generation models, Celada has developed a comprehensive line of retrofits with accessories and solutions designed specifically on the basis of the technology used by the machine.

  • Turning basic and advanced training
  • Milling basic and advanced training
  • Taylor-made training at the customer’s seats
  • Outfitted classrooms for multimedia trainings
  • Phone assistance for programming

Celada staff, who are at customers’ full disposal, design, develop and personalise training programmes that allow operators, engineers and programmers to fully exploit the machines’ potential according to needs.

The main goal of our courses is to train customers so that they are always up-to-date and in step with a dynamic market that is constantly evolving.

  • Machine tools complete overhaul
  • Spindle lines regeneration
  • Multi-brands second-hand sale
  • (Second-hand) Sold articles assistance



The decision to purchase a used machine from Celada is a valid alternative, because we have built up our professional expertise and experience over more than 70 years in business.

In December 2002, Mautus was set up to satisfy increasing demand for used machine tools.

All machines are carefully overhauled, refurbished and sold ready for operation, in compliance with accident prevention regulations and covered by a warranty.